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Research Interests


Our work's main focus is the regulation of stem cells of the endocrine system, their involvement in disease and potential uses in therapeutic approaches. Our research aims to understand better the basic biology underlying human disease, with the ultimate goal of developing safer and better treatments.

We work on stem cells of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, with a strong focus on the pituitary gland.



pituitary stem cell

Stem cells in the mouse pituitary gland (green).



AMEND Project Grant 2022-23

Paradifference Foundation Project Grant 2021-24

MRC Project Grant 2020-23

Lister Institute Research Prize  2016-21

DFG CRC/TRR205  2017-21, 2021-25 at Technische Universität Dresden

DFG International Research Training Group  2017-21, 2021-25

MRC New Investigator Research Grant  2014-17 

Society for Endocrinology Early Career Grant  2014-15

Royal Society Research Grant  2014-15


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